Yamaha XS650D - XS650F Parts Manual and Model ID

This manual is in Adobe Acrobat format (pdf).  I realize this is not the most efficient format for graphics, but I think it is the best choice for this particular use due to it's cross platform capabilities and great features.  You must have Adobe Acrobat to read these files.  The software is free and I put a link here at the bottom.  This parts manual references the 1977 XS650D, 1978 XS650E and 1979 XS650F model, however much of it will be applicable to all the Yamaha 650 SOHC twins.

NOTE: Files contained on this page are from obsolete sources and may contain errors.  Use at your own risk.

XS650 Motorcycle Model ID

(data extracted from Yamaha microfiche 1962-1986 Motorcycle Model ID, US)

Data is Model, Serial number refers to starting engine/frame number, model year and stock color(s)

BOLD model indicates manual available

Model Serial Number Year Color(s)
XS1 S650-000101 1970 Candy Green
XS1B S650-007101 1971 Candy Orange
XS2 S650-100101 1972 Brilliant Red
TX650 S650-200101 1973 Metallic Flake Blue
TX650A 447-000101 1974 Cinnamon Brown
XS650B 447-100101 1975 Star Black
XS650C 447-200101 1976 French Blue
XS650D 447-700101 1977 Maxi Maroon, Bountiful Blue
XS650E 2F0-000101 1978 Star Black*, Spruce Metallic Green
XS650SE 2F0-100101 1978 Vintage Burgundy, New Midnight Black
XS650F 2F0-150101 1979 Cobalt Blue
XS650SF 2F0-250101 1979 Carmine Red, Black Gold
XS650-2F 4F0-250101 1979 New Yamaha Black
XS650G 3G0-000101 1980 Black Gold
XS650SG 2F0-200101 1980 Cardinal Red, New Yamaha Black
XS650H 4N9-000101 1981 Indigo Blue, New Ruby Red
XS650SH 4M4-000101 1981 New Yamaha Black, Frost Silver
XS650SJ 5V4-000101 1982 New Yamaha Black
XS650SK 5V4-100101 1983 New Yamaha Black, New Ruby Red

* -  Microfiche references STAR BLUE which is not correct

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