lfire.gif (8142 bytes)   FAREWELL to the CROW BAR

The Crow Bar was a DC gathering place for several years.  It boasted, and rightly so, that it was DC's only "biker bar."  The Crow Bar closed it's doors on June 27, 1998 and for a last hurrah had a block party.  The streets were lined on both sides and all available sidewalk space was taken by bikes.  It was a great party and featured everything you could want, firetrucks, beer, burn outs, wheelies, bare breasts, water balloon fights and even a real fight, sorta.  A few months ago the entire block was was gouged out.  Nothing was left but a block sized hole in the ground for a new high rise office building.  Rumors have been circulating of a new Crow Bar, but it is still just a rumor.  So sad ... :-(   

                              The Last Party

Bikes were parked from corner to corner on the street and sidewalks

   Raise your glass to the Crow Bar

A final toast to Steve Z, Bill S, Crash and the gang at the Crow Bar

Mac is ready to party        

                        Mac S. renown British rider and restorer hoists one

                                  How about a ride, big boy

Racebike Mike trying to talk me into givin' him a ride on my classic triple.  Hey, watch that hand!

mike_t_me.jpg (45059 bytes)    Now this is more my style

How about three on a three...again!

Derelicts abound    crowbar4.jpg (36143 bytes)

The bar was so full we had to sit on some neighboring steps