Yamaha Motorcycle Magazine Articles

These articles are presented to provide some background information of what the motorcycle press had to say about these bikes when they were new.  The appropriate sources are acknowledged.

XS1 XS-650 (1970)  "Cycle World" Road Test Annual 1970

TX650A (1974)  "Cycle Guide" September 1974

XS650B (1975)  "Cycle World" December 1974

XS650C (1976)  "Big Bike" March 1976

XS750D (1976)  "Cycle" July 1976

XS750D (1976) "Cycle World" August 1976

XS750-2D (1977)  "Cycle" April 1977

XS750E (1978)  "Motorcyclist" October, 1977

Four For The Road (1978)  "Cycle World" July 1978

XS650F (1979) "Cycle World" March 1979

XS750 Owners Survey  "Cycle World" November 1979

XS650 Owners Survey  "Cycle World" June 1980

Building a Better Twin  "Motorcyclist" October 1981

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